Apink keep their word to fans with “Promise U” MV release

After confirming that they were releasing a special track for fans on their 4th anniversary, A Cube Entertainment girl group Apink released the MV for their song “Promise U.”

The music video for the track features behind-the-scenes clips from concerts, photo shoots, and travels with the group. Celebrating four years since their debut in 2011, fans will definitely experience nostalgia upon watching the music video for “Promise U.”

The track itself is a medium-paced ballad that gives off the feeling of sweetness similar to that of a dream. In addition to the song and music video, the group also added a caption for fans, which read, “The song ‘Promise you’ will be glad news for fans wondering recent stories of Apink, who is doing activities abroad as the next artist leading the Korean Wave after finishing their domestic activities successfully with the song ‘LUV’ last year. Sweet rose piano, groovy drum and base make dreamlike sounds that Apink has not shown so far, and expand the musical potential of them which was thought to be limited.

Make sure to watch the sweet and heartfelt music video for Apink’s 4th year anniversary track “Promise U” below!