[★VIDEO] Apink members avoid speaking English on “OVEN RADIO”

On November 26th, 1theK released the third episode of OVEN RADIO: Apink – LUV, which featured the six members of Apink answering questions for fans.

The girls started their third episodes as host of the show by introducing themselves in a variety of different Korean accents before introducing the theme of Wednesday’s episode: “Apink Tells All!” Throughout the video, Apink would answer several questions from their fans.

After the initial question, through which Bomi and Chorong both revealed their affection for each other, Eunji revealed that the rest of the episode would be “Apink Tells All in Korean,” meaning that the members were not allowed to speak any English words. The punishment for using English was to drink a small cup of disgusting tea, while the last member to not use English would be Thursday’s main DJ for the fourth episode of OVEN RADIO.

The A CUBE girl group then went on to thank their fans for all their support, albeit in a slow manner in order to avoid uttering an English word or phrase by mistake. After Bomi, Eunji and Hayoung all failed to restrain themselves from using English, the girls made things more interesting by asking a series of rapid questions to the members, although only the three members who had already lost the challenge slipped up again.

After the competition was over and the three losers drank their tea, Apink took a song request from a fan whose dreams of becoming a singer could not be realized due to puberty and throat injuries. He requested the girls sing “No No No” for him, which they did as the video ended.

Apink recently made a comeback with their new hit “LUV“, for which they achieved the “all-kill” status. Are you a fan of Apink’s newest track? You can check out Apink’s latest antics on OVEN RADIO in the video below!