Apink releases BTS footage for “Mr. Chu” Japanese MV

After releasing the short Japanese MV onstage version for “Mr. Chu” on January 22nd, Apink has unveiled the behind-the-scenes footage for the filming of the music video!

On February 6th, Apink released the behind-the-scenes video for the Japanese version of “Mr. Chu.” The video begins with a section of the chorus and soon transitions to the girls filming. In the video, the girls all take turns holding the camera and filming themselves.

On one occasion, member Chorong walks in on Bomi, who was getting ready in the makeup room, prompting Bomi to scream in surprise. The camera also captures the heart melting moments of when the girls blow kisses and act adorably.

The Korean version of “Mr. Chu” was released last year, and the Japanese version will be available on February 18th.

Check out Apink’s new behind-the-scenes video below!