Apink releases dance practice video for “LUV”

On December 25th, Apink released the dance practice video for their new hit song “LUV” to show their fans the awesome choreography for the song! 

What a great Christmas present for Apink fans! In celebration of their newest song’s music video reaching five million views on YouTube, the A Cube Entertainment group decided to perform the dance choreography for fans, despite the cold weather, apparent from the girls’ thick jackets and sweaters.

The six members thanked their fans several times and even bowed three times to show that they were genuinely thankful for all the love they’ve been receiving for their most recent comeback. The girls then proceeded to make cute exits as they prepared for the dance performance, leaving only Naeun, who could only stand and laugh at her group members’ ridiculousness. Eventually, however, Naeun also made a silly exit of her own, spinning and laughing as the video cut away.

Apink performed the dance choreography in casual clothing, with sneakers as opposed to the usual high heels, which definitely made the performance a lot easier for the girls. The A Cube Entertainment group was completely synchronized throughout the dance, showing why Apink is one of the top artists in Korea.

Due to the success Apink has had his year (the girl have taken home 2 triple crowns and 10 overall music show wins for “LUV”), the group even announced their first solo concert in January, which sold out within 2 minutes of the ticket sale release!

Make sure to check out the dance practice video for Apink’s “LUV” below!

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
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