Apink takes their first music show win on “Show Champion” for “Remember”!

Girl group Apink picks up their very first music show award and trophy for their second studio album on Show Champion on July 30th!

Going up against other formidable girl groups such as Girl’s Generation and AOA, Apink was awarded the “Champion Song” for this week for their title track “Remember.”

The girls thanked their fans and said, “We’d like to thank all those who gave ‘Remember’ a lot of love and put it in first place. Apink will continue to work hard.” 

“Remember” is a summer track that has a perfect blend of upbeat rhythms yet carries a sound of vintage.

Currently, Apink is preparing to hold their second solo concert with Pink Island set to take place at the Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium on August 22nd where they are expected to meet over 10,000 fans.


Source: Daily Sports