Apink’s Bomi in talks for “Real Men” female edition with Park Ha Sun and Ahn Young Mi

While actress Park Ha Sun and comedian Ahn Young Mi have been confirmed to make an appearance on MBC variety show Real Men, Apink’s Yoon Bomi is also reported to be positively considering joining the casts for an upcoming special female edition as well.

It is revealed by an MBC official that “Two or three weeks ago, Bomi had a good meeting with Real Men‘s crew and we are waiting for a final decision to be made by the agency. Her appearance on the show has not been confirmed yet.

Six or seven female recruits are expected to join in the special broadcast. This second batch of females are expected to engage in filming at the military school in mid January for four days and three nights in which Korean news site Ilkan Sports states January 12th specifically to be the date for filming.

To the news, netizens are commenting that the usually full-of-aegyo Bomi might show similar reactions on the show as Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, who was one of the cast members in the previous special female broadcast for Real Men.

The first special female edition invited much hype with Hyeri’s aegyo performance, while viewers empathized with the women particularly when G.NA and Hyeri showed strong reactions after the gas chamber training.

Meanwhile, Apink is about to conclude their promotions with title track “LUV,” successfully gaining their historical 13 wins, and increasing the chances of Bomi having a more free schedule to join the cast of Real Men.

Source: sports chosunxportsnewsTV Reportilkan sports, and MBN