[★TRENDING] Apink’s manager impresses fans as the “stand-in” member for group’s rehearsal in viral video

A fancam video has gone viral, inviting numerous comments for Apink‘s manager who danced to the whole song “Remember” in the absence of member Eunji.

The girl group was scheduled to perform at the Jeju Kpop Festival on October 29th, but Eunji was not able to join her members for rehearsal due to filming of thhe ongoing KBS2 drama Sassy Go Go (aka Cheer Up!). Instead, their manager took over Eunji’s place and completed the whole performance for their latest title track “Remember.”

The manager was evidently well prepared for such an occasion as his synchronized dance movements and nearly-perfect position changes make people wonder how many times he has watched and practiced the dance.

Similarly, Cube Entertainment‘s managers are also well-known for becoming substitute dancers and singers for their absent members in BEAST and BTOB during rehearsals.