The Ark introduces their many talents on “#hashtag”

On April 10th, newly debuted girl group The Ark took to 1theK’s #hashtag to share their talents, personalities, and more.

The group very recently debuted with their touching music video and track “The Light” and now answer fan questions through various activities on the interview show.

The girls cheerfully and happily introduced themselves before launching into the min parts of the interview. As the 47th artists to take part in the interview series, they were lead by member Minju and her irresistible aegyo as Halla, Yuna, Jane, and Yujin shared sneak peeks of their respective talents.

Following a chat regarding their expectations and goals, they continued showing off their charms by using colors such as black, orange, blue, and more. They then revealed that while “The Light” is a song that focuses on their bright vocals, they have prepared sharp and cool performances for fans to anticipate.

After a personal and genuine question and answer session with fans’ messages, The Ark gave fans a tease with a short but intense choreography. Surprisingly, they also shared their desire to have many female fans as well.

Check out their segment here: