The Ark introduces members Yujin and Jane with elegant image films

After having revealed a full lineup and sharing image films for Halla, Yuna, and Minju, upcoming girl group The Ark shares another batch of image films for the two remaining members Yujin and Jane.

The image films were released along with the two members’ handwritten profile pages, giving fans a sense of who the members are prior to their official debut.

In the image films, the girls pose fashionably in front of cameras in group shots and individual images. Yujin dons a long black cardigan and wedges in a studio shoot. Her street wear is accompanied by a subtle smile. As the scene transforms to a quaint window sill, the artist transforms into an image of elegance with a white lace dress.

Jane also shows her outfit flexibility by accenting her plain white outfit with a black brimmed hat. Her concept takes a hip hop vibe with her funky braids and glamorous accessories. However, she later trades those in for pastels and white lace as she too takes a position by the window.

The Ark is set to debut soon so stay tuned for more details.

Check out Yujin and Jane’s image films and profiles here: