ARMYs Can’t Get Over How Halsey Had Her Own Glittery Mic To Match BTS’s

Now, that’s a team!

During BTS‘s opener for Jingle Ball 2019 in Los Angeles, Halsey joined the boys on stage to perform their hit collaborative track, “Boy With Luv”.


While wowing the house with her grooves alongside BTS members, Halsey also showed off her glittery gold mic — assumed to have been prepared by BTS to really include Halsey in the dream-workin’ teamwork:


And so this epic, glorious-in-glitter group picture was made possible. Look how excited BTS and Halsey look to be performing back on stage together!


And ARMYs simply can’t get enough of this beautiful friendship!


Plus — not only did Halsey nail that choreography amongst BTS…


… she also lit her own performances on fire. A true queen, ARMYs agree:


Meanwhile, Halsey continues to work closely with BTS to drop some fascinating bops. Her latest collaboration with Suga, called “SUGA’s Interlude” is sweeping the charts in and out of Korea.

Watch BTS’s “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey at Jingle Ball 2019 here: