ARMYs Are So Curious About BTS Jungkook’s New Hair It’s Trending Worldwide

Jungkook seems to be hiding his new hairstyle and ARMYs all over it!

BTS left for Helsinki, Finland this morning through Incheon International Airport, and ARMYs caught Jungkook’s new hair even though he was wearing a hat.

ARMYs began tweeting about his new hair color and ended up trending in South Korea.

The hashtag #정구기머리 (Jungkook’s hair) started appearing on Twitter with photos of close-ups of what seems to be his new hair in photos taken at the airport.




It looks like his hair is a two-tone color with blonde on top and black on the inside.

Here are some of the Tweets with photos of his hair.




“What’s this new hair Jungkook? Is it ok for me to be excited about this?”



“Can I be excited for your hair?”



“What kind of style is this? You are so good looking Jungkook!”



“What happened to Jungkook’s hair? You are seriously the best!”





Who’s ready to see his new hair style reveal?