Asian American kids and their mothers have a hilarious imitation face off

The popular site Buzzfeed recently uploaded a video which included some of their Asian American staff imitating their mothers.

On April 18th, staff members brought their mothers on the screen of their video. Introducing parents from Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam, the clip showed each Buzzfeed staff member imitating things that their Asian parents said in certain situations.

Buzzfeed placed a series of scenarios including, “imitate your mom talking about herself,” “imitate each other talking on the phone,” and “imitate your mom when you’re driving.”

However, the kids were not the only ones who did the imitating. Buzzfeed then asked the parents to imitate their child while they were complaining and “being American.”

No matter how Asian parents and children treat each other, in the end they always share moments of affection and kindness. The video wraps up with the scenario “imitate each other saying ‘I love you.'”