Australian model Jessica Gomes shares behind-the-scene photos with Z.Tao from newly released MV, “Crown”

Following the release of Z.Tao‘s touching music video for his track “Crown,” behind-the-scene photos have been shared by featuring female lead, Jessica Gomes.

The music video was released on September 11th and is a seven-minute long dramatic and beautifully shot music video directed by U.S. movie film director Nick Lentz at the cost of $2 million. With over 200 hours of filming and 100 days to craft, the music video “illustrates the perseverance of love and a self-sacrificing story.”

On September 12th, Jessica Gomes posted two photos on her Instagram account, writing, “Finally our video is out. Tao & I shot this in LA. Thanks to everyone involved who worked so hard. Was so great to work with you, Tao! This shot was taken after we shot our underwater scenes. We both nearly drowned! Haha. Shout out to everyone in Asia & to all Taos fans!” and shared a photo of the two in the pool.

In a second photo shared, Z.Tao is seen bloodied for his fight scene with a beautiful Jessica Gomes sitting prettily next to him.

If you haven’t checked out his music video yet, watch it now below, just prepare those tissues~