Avengers mask group MI.O debuts with “Have to Buy a House”

MI.O, who is known for their outstanding Korean covers, debuted on December 5th with a music video for “Have to Buy a House” featuring 8eight‘s Baek Chan.

The music video reveals the three members in the studio as they are singing their 1st single, “Have to Buy a House.” MI.O are seen hiding their faces to showcase their different vocal ranges as they sing about having to buy a house in order to be the best guy.

The vocal group is known for showcasing their ability to beautifully sing while hiding their identity with Avenger masks. MI.O previously covered songs such as “Empty” by Winner, “Replay” by SHINee, “Eyes Nose Lips” by Taeyang and much more.

Previously, MI.O released a brief teaser video for their 1st single on December 3rd that revealed a member receiving a Kakao message from a fellow member and ended while the trio sang a line from their first single.

Meanwhile, MI.O released their album on December 5th, which includes their title track, “Have to Buy a House” and an instrumental version of “Have to Buy a House.”