[★VIDEO] B.A.P’s Daehyun delights fans with surprise busking on streets

While there is still no news on the progress of B.A.P’s lawsuit against TS Entertainment, B.A.P member Daehyun performed on the streets in South Korea.

Daehyun was invited by his vocal trainer HAK Ssem for the guerrilla concert held in Sinchon, where fans were able to hear him sing a few songs, but excessive photo-taking and filming were restricted, most probably due to the ongoing lawsuit. The two parties were said to have held their first court trial in March, but no official updates have been announced since then.

As the group’s main vocalist, Daehyun proved that his passion for singing through the songs. Three days ago, Daehyun also recorded an acoustic cover for BIGBANG’s “LOSER” with his friend.

HAK Ssem mentioned during the concert that fellow member Youngjae was initially planning to join in the performances as well, but could not make it in the end.

After the guerrilla concert ended successfully, Daehyun posted a selca with fellow member Himchan, who was reported to be amongst the crowd watching the performances, showing appreciation for their fans’ support, “Thanks everyone for coming. Thanks Him-mu-jjang (Himchan). So now please go home safely. If anyone comes and find us, we’ll disappear hahahaha.”