B.A.P’s Zelo collaborates with V-HAWK for digital single release, “R(x)PLAY”

Dream Perfect Regime releases the digital track for V-HAWK’s “R(x)PLAY” featuring B.A.P’s Zelo. 

Despite his ongoing legal battle with B.A.P against TS Entertainment, Zelo appears in his first public project as a featured artist for V-HAWK’s latest single.

Uploaded through their official Youtube and Soundcloud account on March 9th, Dream Perfect Regime also describes the track as, “A fatal love tale about how one can no longer turn back “time” to when they were first granted the feeling of being happy in love. Hence there is no replay in a once lost relationship.”

The track is available for free download through Soundcloud.

Meanwhile, C-CLOWN’s Rome, who is also a member of the DPR Crew, also confirmed that Zelo will be releasing another song soon through an update on Twitter following the release of “R(x)PLAY.”