B.I.G come back with ‘Are You Ready?’ MV

B.I.G or Boys In Groove are back! Their summer debut single “Hello” had a chorus of greetings in languages from around the world, and now J-Hoon, Heedo, Gunmin, GookMinPyo and Benji have returned with an autumn release – “Are You Ready?”

“Are You Ready?” is an upbeat, bouncy song that’s bound to energize you and remind you of all the fun that you had in summer! It has lots of texture and is quite complex in its composition.

The MV is bright, colourful and HD – the members dance in low key, stylish streetwear and ride in an impressive, shiny classic car. There’s a scene towards the end that’s sure to linger in your memory, featuring pretty LED glow wheels on a night bike ride! Check it out below: