B.A.P members show support for leader Bang Yongguk’s release “AM 4:44”

Since the release of Bang Yongguk’s solo track “AM 4:44” on April 3rd, his fellow group members have showed their support through their various SNS posts to cheer their leader on.

Youngjae tweeted the music video and captioned it “#Message #respect” along with a direct link to the video.

Member Daehyun has showed his constant support for Yongguk as he retweeted every one of Yongguk’s tweets about the new solo track and added a caption saying, “A song you can’t help but listen to.

Meanwhile, B.A.P’s maknae tweeted about the track simply saying “VID” with a link to the music video. Zelo is currently preparing to release a track of his own and revealed that he would be releasing it before he “becomes and adult.” 

Currently, all six members of B.A.P are still in the midst of a legal battle with their label TS Entertainment as they filed for contract nullification last fall based on unfair profit splitting between the artist and the group.