B1A4 celebrates their 4th anniversary with a special gift for fans

Debuting on April 23rd, 2011, B1A4 is celebrating their 4-year anniversary with a few special presents for their fans.

With their hearts full of gratitude, B1A4 has released a video present to BANAs to thank them for their support throughout the past 4 years. Encompassing their emotions in the video, behind-the-scenes pictures from their concerts stream alongside the lyrics from the song “Road” off their 2nd full-length album Who Am I?.

The lyrics read “That road we used to walk every day through laughter and tears, I hope you don’t forget the promises we vowed together. So that we can smile on the day we meet again, I hope that neither of us change. At the end of the road we walked together, no matter how many hours or time have passed, I hope you can always lean on me. Whenever you’re having a hard time, I’ll become your strength, I’ll become your pathway. I hope that you can fly, fly high. That road we used to walk every day through laughter and tears.

In addition to the video present, WM Entertainment has also released a comical video from their White Day fanmeeting. With Gongchan as the star, he laments his loneliness after listening to CNU‘s radio broadcast on couples, with members Baro, Sandeul, and Jinyoung being too busy for their maknae, having romantic dates already planned for the weekend. After a failed blind date, Gongchan finds himself in hilariously uncomfortable situations, shouting out his desire to find his very own special princess.

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Posted by B1A4 OFFICIAL on Wednesday, April 22, 2015