B1A4 teases fans with “Sweet Girl” album preview

In addition to B1A4 releasing the tracklist for their upcoming mini-album Sweet Girl, 1theK released the pre-listening video for Sweet Girl on August 1st.

The pre-listening video allowed fans to get a preview of B1A4’s upcoming tracks such as “Sweet Girl,” “You Are a Girl, I Am a Boy,” “After 10 Years,” “Wait,” and “Love Is Magic.” Although the pre-listening  video gave fans a glimpse of the tracks, the video also revealed numerous image teasers for their latest concept.

For the six-member group’s comeback, the members will be releasing a three storyline concept for “Sweet Girl” which will include “Boy,” “Flower,” and “Butterfly.” Along with announcing the three storyline concept, B1A4 released image teasers where it revealed their concept.

Sweet Girl is schedule to be released on August 10th.