Bae Seul Ki releases new Chinese single and MV, “Liked”

It has been revealed that singer and actress Bae Seul Ki has released a new digital single in China, titled “Liked (贊了).”

This is Bae Seul Ki’s first single album to be released in China, and has attracted many Chinese listeners with its melody and trendy rhythm, along with addictive lyrics. The track has already risen on local Chinese music charts in 7th place.

In South Korea, Bae Seul Ki is known as the Queen of Retro Dancing through SBS variety show Love Letter (2004-06). Recently, Bae Seul Ki made an appearance in China’s Chopstick Brothers’ hit track and music video, “Little Apple,” which was later re-created as a collaboration in Korea with T-ara.

Check out her latest track at Youku or YouTube below!

Source: X Sports News