Baechigi teases with “Shut Up” featuring EXID’s Solji

Baechigi is pairing up with EXID‘s Solji for their upcoming track “Shut Up,” teasing with a short video on August 3rd.

Solji takes on the part as a bar’s featured singer, taking the stage with four female dancers and saying back and forth as she sings with only a few people in her audience. Member Moowong plays the role of a drunk customer while Tak seems to be the playboy as he shares a drink with a beautiful woman at the bar. With a trendy saxophone melody, Solji can be heard singing, “Excuse me, shut up.”

This is Baechigi’s first release in two years and seven months and will release their new mini-album on August 6th, holding a commemorative showcase on the same day at 8pm KST in Hongdae.

Source: Sports World