Baek Ji Young and Na Won Ju release MV for “Whenever It Rains”

Ballad Queen Baek Ji Young returns with a special collaboration with Na Won Ju for the track “Whenever It Rains.” The music video for the track was released on November 25th.

“Whenever It Rains” is a ballad track and the first work in a special collaboration project by LOEN Entertainment titled time;code. This album will be dedicated to releasing old hits that are not currently available for streaming, sung by popular artists today. This song is a classic by Ja Hwa Sang released in 1998.

Baek Ji Young sultry voice and Na Won Ju’s sweet voice are very fitting in reviving the song and bringing viewers back in time. “Whenever It Rains” has a sweet and warm melody with lyrics that talk about a lost love. The music video is simple yet very touching and emotional. You see a woman in car in a wedding dress staring out at a man with a motorcycle. Soon tears fill her eyes but her groom returns to the car and drives off with her. The music video then takes us through the tough decision the woman has to make where she hesitates on whether to run off with the guy she loves or stay with her groom.

Travel back in time with Baek Ji Young and Na Won Ju in the video below: