Baek A Yeon Pulls Off Beautiful Live Karaoke Cover of IU’s “End of Every Day”

JYP Entertainment‘s soloist Baek A Yeon took on one of IU‘s hardest songs to sing, “End of Every Day,” singing the track for a karaoke live special video for Dingo Music.

Published on May 28th, the talented female vocalist sang with passion as she sang the original IU track with her own twist, hitting all of the notes perfectly. “End of Every Day” is considered one of IU’s more tougher track to cover by fans, making it all the more amazing for Baek A Yeon to sing.

Though fans agreed that Baek A Yeon has done a spectacular job with her karaoke live cover, they have voiced out their opinions that the song is much better suited for IU’s vocal tone and color.

Meanwhile, Baek A Yeon recently released a new track “So So” which has been a hit with the public, immediately taking the #1 spot on all real-time charts and continuing to hit #1 on the daily charts.

Listen to the original recorded track here: