Seulong Turns BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” Into A Heart-Wrenching Ballad Song

There had been a number of covers on BLACKPINK’s hit track “Playing With Fire,” but Seulong and Jeong Hyerin made a different take on the track. 

On January 20th, the episode of Duet Song Festival featured a performance by Seulong and Jeong Hyerin. They have received positive reaction with the ballad version of BLACKPINK’s comeback track, “Playing With Fire.”

Seulong started the performance blending harmoniously with contestant Jeong Hyerin and sang a slower version of BLACKPINK’s original upbeat track. Jeong Hyerin further caught attention as she aimed a for a higher note in the last few minutes of the performance.

Seulong and Hyerin needed to beat Lyn and Kim In Hye’s score in order to win this episode but their ballad rendition only received 408 points.

Duet Song Festival’s concept pairs celebrity artists with non-celebrity partners. The two contestants can win by earning points from the audience and celebrity panel.

What do you think of their ballad rendition?