Bambino releases summery music video for “Moonlight Shower”

Bambino is back and delighting fans with their comeback music video for “Moonlight Shower”!

On August 21st, Bambino made a return to the music scene with a music video for their newest track titled, “Moonlight Shower.” The song has a funky upbeat tune which is perfect to listen to while enjoying the remainder of the summer.

In the video, the members can be seen dancing happily near the Han River, as well as donning sexy swimsuits while sailing along the waters as well. Towards the latter half of the video, the girls are dancing sexily under sprinkles of water at a car wash station, which is absolutely fitting for the sweltering heat that many fans around the world are feeling!

The Bambino members also take a visit to the football stadium where they dance in vibrant colored outfits that will surely knock the heat right out of you.

Listen, watch, and prepare yourselves for a refreshing time! Check out the music video below.

Source: kt Music Official Channel