Bang Yong Guk drops epic solo track and MV for “AM 4:44”

B.A.P‘s member and charismatic leader Bang Yong Guk has dropped his anticipated solo track “AM 4:44,” releasing a unique music video as well.

Released on April 4th, the track is also available on the rapper’s Soundcloud account under bangxter. Bang Yong Guk starts off with a low and soft rap before exploding in a burst of rhythmic rap along to the easy-going-melody.

The music video mostly shares Bang Yong Guk’s silhouette for the most part, with his form revealed under a small flashing light as smoke surrounds him. Overall, his face is never revealed to the public, to fans disappointment.

This is the first track the B.A.P leader has released on his own accord since the six-member group engaged in a contract termination lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment in late 2014.