Baskin Robbins releases individual CFs for Suho and Sehun

As EXO-K shares their Christmas-themed ice cream cakes for Baskin Robbins’ “Open Your Ice Cream Cake,” the ice cream company also released individual shots for members Suho and Sehun.

After revealing their upcoming Christmas-themed cakes for Baskin Robbins, EXO-K had also filmed individual CFs for each of the members presenting their own specific cakes for the holiday. With a different flavors and designs for each cake, EXO-K shows off their unique ice cream cake choices through their videos. Baskin Robbins first revealed the CF’s for members D.O and Kai and have followed up with additional videos from Suho and Sehun.

In Suho’s CF, he carries a polar bear stuffed animal in front of him while holding up two spoons, getting ready to eat some ice cream cake. He displays his personal choice, “Sweet Home” which is shaped as a cabin that is covered in the frosty snow.

Meanwhile, in Sehun’s individual video, the maknae dresses up in cheerful and bright colors to show his excitement for the ice cream. Much like Suho, Sehun holds two Baskin Robbins spoons in his hands while making motions as if he were skiing with them.

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