Baskin Robbins reveals SHINee’s playful ice cream CF

Baskin Robbins reveal SHINee’s CF, where they happily indulge their ice creams while having fun as they revert back to their childlike and playful selves.

At first, Minho is seen eating an ice cream cone while playing baseball before the scene switches to Jonghyun avidly advancing his toy car with his controller, his look completed with a Baskin Robbins spoon cutely sticking out of his mouth. From here, Onew is seen munching on strawberries while making his own homemade ice cream. The 15-second CF finishes with the five of them gathered around enjoying their strawberry themed frozen treats.

Recently, SHINee has released their teaser for their upcoming Japanese single, “Your Number.” Also, Minho has recently revealed his chic and polished side for the March issue of GQ Korea.