BEAST counts down to “12:30” with MV teaser

After teasing fans for their upcoming 7th mini-album TIME, BEAST continues the count down by releasing the preview for their upcoming music video for “12:30”.

BEAST is currently preparing for a comeback with their 7th mini-album TIME, in celebration of their 5th year anniversary since debut. For this comeback, they have already teased fans with audio teasers for all 6 songs in the album: “Drive”, “12:30”“It’s A Good Thing”“Close My Eyes”, and “STAY”, as well as an instrumental video teaser for the track, “SO HOT“. A video teaser for “Drive” was revealed 3 days ago as well. Besides releasing official group and individual jacket images and a second set of concept pictures, members Junhyung and Kikwang have also personally teased their fans through Instagram.

On October 16th, which marked their 5th debut anniversary, BEAST held a special live chat session with fans through Naver Starcast and performed a live performance of “12:30” ahead of the official release.

The music video teaser for “12:30” features sorrowful instrumentals accompanying the ballad track, against a background of a large clock. They have come up with an interesting concept this time, as the hour hand and the minute hand move in opposite directions when the clock strikes 12:30. The main lead of the music video could be leader Yoon Doojoon, as he shows his tears when trying to urge the female lead to stay. Despite his attempts, the female lead did not accept his hug and pushes him away, even throwing a shoe at him before she left.