BEAST releases MV with behind-the-scences concert footage for “Stay Forever Young”

The members of BEAST continued their streak of music releases in Japan earlier today with the release of “Stay Forever Young.”

Through BEAST MUSIC, the members of BEAST have continued to release one song a month in Japan for the last nine months. Previously, BEAST has released the Japanese version of their latest Korean title track, “YeY,” as well as original Japanese songs including “Can’t Wait to Love You,” “TBM,” “All is in U,” “Only One,” “This is My Life,” and more. December 25th’s release of “Stay Forever Young,” marks their tenth consecutive monthly release in Japan.

“Stay Forever Young” is a mid-tempo track that showcases the uniqueness of BEAST’s musical style. With a light piano backing for most of the track, the members take turns creating the melody. The music video follows along with which member is singing at that point in the track and shows the members preparing and performing a concert for their fans.

Check out the music video for their latest Japanese track, “Stay Forever Young,” below!