BEAST says “Gotta Go To Work” in MV for pre-release track

After almost a year since their promotions for 12:30, the members of BEAST have returned with a pre-release track before the official release of their upcoming album, Ordinary.

BEAST’s pre-release track, “Gotta Go To Work,” is a mid-tempo track that features lyrics that tell the story of a guy who is caught between his girlfriend and work. While he wants to spend time with her, he must go to work. However, his girlfriend tries to counter with a sexy expression that draws him in like a magnet to get him to spend more time with her.

The music video for the track showcases a brighter side of the members than their previous concepts, perhaps because “Gotta Go To Work” is not the title track to their upcoming album. In particular, the members’ images are reminiscent of their debut days with “Bad Girl,” as many of the members are seen with the same hairstyle.

BEAST’s new album, Ordinary, is set to be released next week on July 27th!

Check out the music video for “I Have To Go To Work” below!