[★VIDEO] BEAST takes 2nd consecutive win on SBS Inkigayo with “12:30”

BEAST is on a streak of wins this weekend as they take yet another award on the November 9th episode of SBS Inkigayo for “12:30.”The popular male group took home their second consecutive Inkigayo trophy on the latest episode, making this the seventh award for their hit title track “12:30.” BEAST went up against Epik High’s “Happen Ending” and Ailee’s “Don’t Touch Me,” forging ahead with 10,277 points.

Hyunseung said, “Everyone, thank you for giving BEAST so much love. In particular, we’d like to especially thank our fans.”

Meanwhile, BEAST is wrapping up their activities in Korea to prepare for their Arena Tour in Japan.

Congratulations to BEAST for an amazing run with “12:30”!