BEAST turns up the heat with 99 fans in 1theK’s “Club99”

BEAST celebrates the successful release of “12:30” as well as their 5th anniversary milestone with 99 B2UTYs in 1theK‘s Club 99.

1theK has released BEAST’s special fan meeting in their Club99 program on November 17th.

BEAST opens the meeting with their previous hit song “Beautiful Night,” singing it live while weaving through their fans in the aisles to get onto the stage. With their theme “Memoirs of BEAST,” the members take 99 of their biggest fans on a trip down memory lane as they go through unforgettable stories from their previous singles and albums.

When it came to their second album Shock, the members joked how Junhyung‘s hairstyle was their biggest change when compared to their debut single. Junhyung wittily replied “I guess the salon lady didn’t think much.” With this, he explained how his hair underwent a cycle of her cutting one part of his hair, and with both of them not liking the style, her trying a different cut elsewhere on his head. In the end, this ongoing cycle left him with a little amount of hair to style. The other members coolly said that only he was able to pull off this hairstyle, with the audience roaring in agreement.

Recently, BEAST has unleashed a new version of their “12:30” music video.