BEAST’s “12:30” MV hits 2 million views

BEAST had revealed the music video for title track “12:30” from their 7th special mini-album on October 20th. After reaching 1 million views last week, the music video has gained more than 2 million views!

BEAST promised on their official fancafe to release a dance practice video for “12:30” if the 2 million mark was achieved by October 27th. Although the 2 million views was reached a few hours after the targeted time, BEAST member Yang Yoseob hinted that they might still go ahead with releasing a dance practice video, a special treat for their fans.

Yoseob tweeted a few minutes after the targeted time, “You have worked hard.. Thinking about the B2UTies who were angry and annoyed because of the practice video, I feel sorry and thankful…. Pats pats…… Don’t worry, I have the video as well. If Cube doesn’t upload it, I will upload it…………… kekekeke”

Earlier on, on the same day, Yoseob also tweeted a photo to let fans know that they have already filmed the dance practice video.

The group had expressed that they do not expect to win on music shows with their current ballad title track “12:30” and that the album was produced just to thank fans for their 5th year anniversary since debut, which was on October 16th. They further explained their intentions of making this TIME mini-album through an interview.

BEAST had also unveiled separate behind-the-scenes videos to show how much hard work was put in and also the fun times they enjoyed as a group when they were filming for the music video and album photoshoot. They also showed their friendship with Epik High and Super Junior‘s Heechul at SBS Inkigayo’s backstage when promoting on the music program this past Sunday.

Besides their Korean album promotional activities, BEAST is also ready to unveil their new Japanese single “How About You?” on November 14th.

Have you watched BEAST’s “12:30” music video yet?