BEAST’s Yoseob talks about how he saved Hyunseung on KBS “Hello”

Recently, four members of BEAST made a special guesting on KBS2TV‘s Hello where Yoseob revealed that he had once saved Hyunseung.

On the episode which aired last October 20th, the MCs mentioned that the last time the members were on the show, Yoseob left a very heartwarming and sincere video message for fellow member, Kikwang, who was an integral part of his life during his trainee days and often took care of him before their debut.

During the video message feature of the show, Yoseob this time relayed a message to fellow member Hyunseung who was not in attendance saying, “Hyunseung, already five years have passed since our debut. I’m not sure if you remember. But just as Kikwang saved me, I saved you!” causing everyone to laugh as his confession was a no teary “thank you”.

Yoseob goes on to say, “When you were extremely anxious, auditioning here and there, I was the one who contacted you and found you a place to audition” calling Hyunseung out and implying that it is now his turn to be thanked.

However, Yoseob ends it with sincere words, “I wish that for the next five, fifty years, we will be together as BEAST.”

Source: Newsen