Bernard Park showcases his vocals with live performance of “Don’t Change”

Bernard Park gave his fans an early New Years present on December 30th when he sang “Don’t Change” live for Naver Music’s holiday music playlist.

In the video, Bernard sits on a chair bathed in warm light, surrounded by photos from 2014 as it was a special year for him because of his debut to the music world. Despite the difference of music and language, Bernard Park preserves the original soundtrack and smooth singing style; while also opting to sing in English. Although there are minor differences, the song still sounds great and tells of a person who doesn’t want their love to change.

Many artists expressed their New Years greetings through videos, including BTS, Royal Pirates, HIGH4, Apink, Block B, No Min Woo, and more. Other artists like T-ara, MINX, Dal Shabet, SISTAR, NS Yoon-G, and more, uploaded photos with their New Year’s greetings.

Source: Naver tvcast