Berry Good to make comeback in February with new lineup

On January 26th, girl group Berry Good announced their upcoming February comeback and released the profiles of their members following a recent lineup change.

The girl group features five members: Gowoon, Sehyung, Daye, Seayul, and leader Taeha. In their group image teaser, they pose adorably in a floral and pink setting. Their cute accessories and lovely dresses show that fans can expect a cheerful and refreshing concept from them.

Along with revealing the member profiles, the girls of Berry Good also shared personal messages to followers. They asked for support from fans and promised that they would bring unique colors as they do their best.

Meanwhile, new addition Seayul has caught attention as she is the younger sister of AOA’s Yuna.

The group also opened an official Weibo account for fans to follow their activities on that platform as well.

Take a look at their profiles below: