BESTie releases sexy eye contact dance version for “Excuse Me”

After the release of their comeback track “Excuse Me,” BESTie released the cute but sexy eye contact dance version of their dance practice on May 15th. 

As the four members were clothed in black crop tops and high-waisted shorts, the girl group showcased their sexy and cute concept while the choreography allowed the members to reveal their teamwork as well as their bright energy. BESTie continued to showcase their sexy choreography as they also used their nylon socks as props.

BESTie released the music video for “Excuse Me” on May 8th where they showcased their bright and bubbly aura in a pink and blue diner. The song not only revealed an upbeat and funky beat, but also the members’ vocal talents as well.

Meanwhile, BESTie also released their mini-album Love Emotion, which includes the tracks “Excuse Me,” “Hush Baby,” “Single Bed,” “I’m So Fine” featuring Almeng, and “This Day.”

Check out their dance practice here: