Big Hit Entertainment Under Criticism From Fans For Allowing Staff To Smoke Near BTS

Big Hit Entertainment has come under fire after fans noticed multiple incidents of staff smoking indoors near popular male group BTS

While watching a BTS Bomb video recently released by the group, fans noticed that a female staff member in a green vest smoking while sitting in a corner holding her cellphone. Because the video was shot indoors, fans were concerned that the cigarette smoke would give the BTS members second-hand smoke, which could affect their singing and overall health. In addition to the BTS Bomb video, fans also discovered another instance of a staff member smoking indoors near the group in a concert practice video, where a male staff member was spotted smoking behind the group as they were practicing.

Since discovering the two instances of staff smoking indoors near the boys, fans have demanded a response from BTS’s agency, with some even going as far as requesting the staff members be reprimanded or terminated for their inconsiderate actions.





Source: Instiz

Check out the latest Bangtan Bomb video below: