BIGBANG Daesung Enlisting In The Army Today + New BIGBANG Song “Flower Road” Being Released Today As Well

Article: “BIGBANG DAY” – Daesung Active Duty Enlistment + All Members In New Song “Flower Road”

Source:Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+3039, -96] Seungri go to the army quick so we can see all members back together soon~

2. [+2071, -50] Daesung return safely! Hwaiting!!!

3. [+1695, -61] Keep heading for success! I will listen to your new song well!

4. [+1478, -72] Seungri it’s your turn now! Nation’s BIGBANG! Nation’s bang

5. [+1312,-36] Return healthy!

6. [+263, -8] Today at 6:00PM, BIGBANG’s new song “Flower Road” is coming out. Please listen to it a lot!

7. [+238, -11] Return safely. BIGBANG keep walking on “flower roads.”

8. [+227, -14] Keep walking on “Flower Roads” and return safely BIGBANG!

9. [+221, -13] I will really miss BIGBANG.

10. [+190, -13] I want to serve my military duty with BIGBANG hyungs ㅋㅋ