BIGBANG fans call for boycott due to mistreatment

Due to the mismanagement of BIGBANG‘s releases and activities, fans of the group are calling for a boycott of their 2016 Soul Concert Live DVD in order to send a message to their agency. 

According to VIPs (fans of the group), their company YG Entertainment is currently doing a poor job of managing BIGBANG, addressing several concerns in their proposal for a boycott. In addition to complaining that it’s been around eight years since the group’s latest full album, fans also criticized the agency for BIGBANG’s busy schedule and lack of consideration over their image online or safety.

To remove the boycott, the fans are demanding YG to give fans more specific information on the group’s upcoming full album, be more considerate of the members’ health and well-being, and to stop using BIGBANG as media play for their other artists.

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Source: Pann