BIGBANG wins #1 on SBS Inkigayo with “LOSER”

BIGBANG takes up their second consecutive trophy for Inkigayo with “LOSER” for the recent airing of the music show.

Going up against BoA‘s “Who Are You” and their own second title track “BAE BAE,” BIGBANG took first place with an amazing 10,594 points (the seventh most ever rewarded on the show).

G-Dragon said, “Thank you. Thank you to all those who have given us your love. We’d also like to thank all the VIPs.”

Before shifting out to their encore stage, Seungri did not forget to mention, “Actually, today is Taeyang’s birthday,” and began singing, “Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ I love you Taeyang hyung.”

Looking slightly embarrassed, Taeyang smiled and said, “Thank you. Today is my birthday, it’s a bit embarrassing. Thank you.”

Congratulations to BIGBANG on winning their sixth trophy for “LOSER”! And happy birthday Taeyang 🙂