BIGBANG’s T.O.P replies to a rude comment on Instagram

Known for his witty and random replies to his fans, BIGBANG’s T.O.P goes out of his way to respond to a rude comment left on his personal Instagram account. 

On July 6th, T.O.P surprised fans with an update only tagged as “^_^??,” as he uploads a screen cap of the rude comment saying, “Fuck T.O.P… fuck BIGBANG too.” As he uploaded it to his personal Instagram account, fans reacted to the rude post by flooding the commenter’s own account, which led him to set his account on private.

T.OP has since deleted the post on his account, but fans were still able to discuss the issue due to a number of screenshots circulating online.

This is not the first time that T.O.P has interacted with his fans on SNS. Previously, he was applauded for his “boss reply,” which was soon followed by posts acknowledging his international followers and more.