[★VIDEO] BIGFLO releases dance tutorial for “Bad Mama Jama”

After releasing their dance practice video in early December, three of BIGFLO members released a video, teaching fans the choreography to “Bad Mama Jama.”

On December 22nd, BIGFLO released the dance tutorial for “Bad Mama Jama” where three members were clothed in red, white and blue themed outfits. As the tutorial started, Z-UK, who is in charge of choreography in BIGFLO, demonstrated how to dance to the chorus of the song. As Z-UK started to teach the dance, the other members started to mirror his movements and later moved onto dancing to the beat of the song.

The rookie boy group released the dance practice video for “Bad Mama Jama” on December 10th, exposing their energetic dance.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Bad Mama Jama” was released on November 24th, capturing netizens attention as some said that the song is “so catchy!” and “I’m obsessed with this song!