BIGFLO snaps a photo with their fans during their successful concert in Japan

Rookie group BIGFLO successfully completed their concert in Japan while taking a photo with their fans in the audience.

Debuting in late June 2014, rookie group BIGFLO made their way on stage in Japan for the second time with their concert, Second Flow. Held on December 27th and 28th, BIGFLO drew in a large crowd of fans for their concert stage.

Teasing their fans with photos from their practice room just a few days before their concert, BIGFLO finally hit the stage as fans created fan signs for their idols during the concert. After the two day event, the group wrapped up their concert, taking a final photo with their fans in the audience holding up their colorful signs.

The rookie male group also recently came back with their music video, “Bad Mama Jama” that consists of a catchy and upbeat tune which shows the maturity yet humorous side of the members.

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