BIGONE drops new MV for “Big Shootin” ft. BUGGY

On February 22nd, BIGONE released a heavy hip-hop music video for the track “Big Shootin,” featuring BUGGY.

The music video gives off an old school hip-hop vibe that will remind lovers of the hip-hop legends of “the good ole days.”

Swagging around in jackets with allies on the street and in hallways with his crew, BIGONE pulls off the tough and cool style needed for a rap video. Throughout the video, the quick camera work keeps the action at a fast pace and up to beat with the track. With a solid crew to back him up, traveling through the streets spitting mean rhymes completes the whole setting for the video.

BIGONE’s last mark on the scene was his input for the dance cover of Bando Jonez’s song “Sex You.”

Check out the video below!