BIGSTAR’s Raehwan and Jude cover “The Christmas Song”

The boys of BIGSTAR join the holiday mood with Raehwan and Jude’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” which they shared with listeners on December 23rd.

Although the video shows only a still photo of the two members, fans can still certainly enjoy their soothing vocals in the audio recording. Even in the photo, the two bring a lively mood by first gazing into the distance with cheerful and silly expressions. Choosing a yellow theme instead of the traditional red, green, or white, Raehwan and Jude are matching in beanie and sweater. The sofa they are seated on is also decorated with a white tinsel and miniature wreath.

Their cover is a remake of Justin Bieber’s edition of the holiday track. With a deeper R&B sound, the relaxed tempo and free ad libs give the song new life for the winter season. Raehwan and Jude impress fans with their steady voices and sweeping falsettos.

Their special Christmas track is the eighth featuring in the special “Covered by Brave” series which previously showed off the dance moves of Brave GirlsHyeran.

Take a listen at their cover here: