Billboard interviews Epik High at SXSW 2015

Prior to their performance at SXSW 2015, Epik High was interviewed by Billboard, where they hyped the excitement for current and new U.S. fans.

In the interview, Tablo explained, “If you’re seeing us for the first time at SXSW, it’s actually the perfect time to get to know who Epik High is.” He continues his train of thought, saying “I’m sure some of our fans are excited, but even more than the fans, we’re excited to be performing stateside again. It’s been a very long time. During that time, we’ve grown stronger as a group… Whoever’s coming to the show, you’re going to be a part of the stage, you’re going to be part of the act just as much as we are. That’s the best part of playing live.”

To this, Mithra Jin added, “If we were a tasty, ripe green apple five years ago during our performance in the States, we are now a very juicy, ripe red apple coming to you guys,” showing his sense of humor.

At the end of the interview, Tablo excitedly announced “We are planing a U.S. tour sometime this early summer… We’re going to hit as many cities as possible so you should find [us] in a city nearby.”

Check out Epik High’s English interview here:

Source: Billboard