BLACKPINK May Have Their Own Netflix Documentary

Netflix indirectly confirmed it.

BLACKPINK is rumored to be having their own Netflix documentary.

BLINKs made the discovery on February 13 and quickly spread the exciting news online.

They found that when searching “BLACKPINK” on Netflix, “Untitled Blackpink Feature Documentary” shows up as a related title.

A fan reached out to Netflix on Twitter to ask about its release date, and they may have indirectly confirmed the news by not outrightly refuting it.

If the rumors are true, BLINKs believe that showing the hardships the girls went through to get to where they are now will endear them to more people.

Until Netflix confirms the news, fans can only guess what the documentary will be about. Whatever the case, it will likely show BLACKPINK’s struggles and successes throughout the years.